Hi there! My name is Elektra Moschopoulou and I’m a Fashion Designer & Photographer based in Berlin.
So here’s some words about me & my vision!

My relationship with arts dates back to the days I was a little girl. Exploring, experimenting, creating, in order to try to express myself.

I graduated from a technical school as an Interior Architect. Having also taken some courses on photography at the same school, I decided photography was my thing. So after graduation I continued my studies on photography as a fashion photographer in “Focus” private school.

But this wasn’t enough, my passion for fashion & clothes pushed me even further and in 2010 I started taking courses on fashion design in a public school.

I started creating my first designs soon after, since my appetite for learning gave fruit pretty quickly.

Every piece that I make is unique since I’m only producing a couple of pieces of each of my designs. All clothes are handmade with passion and love to their last detail.

Feel free to discover more of my creative work on the “other projects” page.


I want to inspire people, make them be what they’ve never dared to be, make ’em discover and express themselves without fear of the unknown. Make ’em match color and life, style and feelings and all of it, with a scent of good taste and uniqueness.

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